Humans are Scaredy Cats...

I think that humans are the biggest scaredy cats out of all animals. Humans fear contradicting themselves so much that they end up sacrificing opportunities of a life time. You have to know what I am talking about. Deep down inside you have come across a decision that you wanted to make, but opted to stay right where you were in life out of fear that you would be making the wrong decision.

You graduated from college and decided that you wanted to be in marketing, but after 3 years of doing just that you get an itch that tells you that maybe you should be in non-profit. You get scared because you know you would have to start over, and you keep asking yourself do I have time for all of that? once believed that every woman should be married with kids, but deep inside you simply want to travel the world and not be tied down to a family.

Everyone has these tiny things inside of them that are telling them to do something different, but out pops Mr. Scary Cat, and you opt out of listening to the inner you. It is like people are afraid of their own damn shadows. We want to live a perfect life that we outlined in our heads when we were five years old without a clue.

We have to understand that we are living a life not to find ourselves, but to create ourselves. Everything that you decide creates a more unique person every move you make. You design the rules of your life. There is no set path laid out by the people before you. Don't be afraid of what people might say. Don't be afraid of it not seeming as secure or logic as your original choice. Dare to be YOU!

The greatest people in the world learned to listen to what was inside of them and just DO IT! They were probably the ones people called weird, crazy, insane....but they are also the ones the people eventually called genius.

What are you waiting for? Stop being a scaredy cat, and do what you always wanted to do. If you want to make a career change, do it! If you want to travel the world, save the money, and do it! If you want to eat at every restaurant in NY (not possible lol), just do it! The only person stopping you from making that sudden change in your life, is you and that scary cat you let sit on the top of your shoulder telling you to play everything safe.

Safe is boring, boring leads to regrets, and living with regrets suck...

-The Socialite (What am I doing? That's right I'm doing me...)



Sartorially Savvy said...

Sounds like you just called a whole lot of people out... Including yours truly lol...

...garnet.terri... said...

Why do I always end up commenting after Mr. SS himself.

Great post B! I know some folks that need to read this. I need to send this out!

love ya.

The Socialite said...

Please send it out! Love you 2!

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