Before You Write Your "Bucket" List, Don't Forget Your "Basket" List...

Ever become upset during a bad moment in your life? Ever feel like you aren't doing something you always thought you would be doing? Ever just scream" Why me?" When things get bad for a second, how quickly we forget the great experiences we have experienced thus far. Maybe you have simply had a terrible life, but it would be my guess that you simply have not stopped to appreciate each and everything that has been given to you during your lifetime.

The following exercise might help pick you up if you are going through a down moment in your life. This exercise can also be used as a way to show that you are thankful for everything you have been through and have received from your God.

Everyone has heard of a bucket list. You list a bunch of things you hope to accomplish before a certain cut off time (it is suppose to be before you die "kicking the bucket") But have you ever sat down and wrote everything that you have already accomplished? Writing this list down can do the following:

1. Remind you of all of the obstacles you have overcome.
2. Remind you of the amazing experiences you have had.
3. Help you remember to be thankful!

The list can include any of the following:

1. Education level completed
2. Awards
3. Extra-Curricular activities you participated in
4. Different foods you have tried
5. Places you have traveled to
6. Major events you might have attended
7. Exciting dates you might have gone on
8. People you have met
9. Organizations you have joined
10. Major obstacles you overcame
11. Major lessons you learned
12. Jobs you have be given
13. Amazing family members

(and the list goes on)

Take time to remember how far you have come; it might give you the push needed to keep moving forward...

We are going to call this list our "Basket List" (The things we have already thrown in there during our lifetime)

Always stop and be thankful for what you have...when you are, there are no real bad moments in your life.

-the Socialite



Amber said...

this is an excellent idea! Thanks sis! I've really needed a little extra push these days...

The Socialite said...

No problem! I have started mine and it has already increased my spirits.

only1trulady said...

I love this post! Very uplifting!

The Socialite said...

@only1trulady: I am glad you enjoyed this post! I hope that writing your list inspires you even more.

janelle said...

first time reader (& commenter).

this is an awesome post. i'm a listmaker and love scratching things off that i've done (resolutions, tasks, things to do), but after that, i forget about them.

having this basket list, along with my resolution list would be a great addition.

The Socialite said...

@Janelle I am glad that you enjoyed the post! I am a list person as well :) Writing out my "basket list" has really help remind me of the big or large things that I have accomplished. It even made me appreciate the people that have come in and out my life. Didn't realize this list would be so long. I am still writing it.

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