Someone is Walking in My Footsteps Today...

Today, live as if you have a youth walking by your side. Imagine if you were assigned a youth to walk with you for a day. What would they see? Would they be inspired? Would their lives be changed? We always talk about becoming a great role model for the youth, but do we actually live everyday as if we are seeking to inspire?

If I had a youth by my side for at least one day, I could imagine that I would probably do things much bigger. I would not want to let a moment pass of me taking advantage of everything around me. I would want them to see different places, taste different foods, see me work hard, and see me help someone in need. I would understand that my every move could possibly have an effect on the decisions they make for their own life in the future.

Today, try living as if someone was actually by your side. Do things that would inspire, shape, and mold the person that was looking. Diversify the things you do as well, for the person next to you would want to see it all.

The crazy thing is that although this is simply an exercise encouraging you to live the best life ever, the youth really is watching....Are you inspiring?

-The Socialite



Michele said...

love love LOVED this post. I read it earlier but didn't have a chance to comment. I tried it on the day you wrote it...and my job does put me in a position where i'm surrounded by young people almost every second of the day. They often ask why i dress up and wear pumps everyday...well to me that's what a adult looks like in a professional world even if that world is a public high school. I think if more people realized young people are watching and are looking for influences they would consider what they do in public AND private.

Great idea...i want to incorporate this for a few mentoring programs I work with!

The Socialite said...

Thanks Michele! You are so correct. The watching us every second they get. The good and the bad! So often we like to say "do as I say,not as I do"...that is backwards...and never will work. Please share any results you get after sharing this with your mentoring programs.

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