Who Will I Inspire Today?

Ask yourself this every morning...

At night recap what you did that day in your head, out loud, in a journal, or blog about it.

Live with this in mind...and you can't help put be great in every way possible.

Watch your accomplishments increase, but also watch how many people tell you how they have been effected by you.

Finally, encourage others to keep trying to inspire...tell someone today how they have inspired you!

-The Socialite...trying to inspire and motivate one post at a time. Love you all!


25 and I Found the Secret to Happiness

I am turning the big 25 tomorrow and am pleased with my growth and development as I approach a milestone that many people tend to worry about. It is the milestone that reminds you that you have truly entered adulthood and there is no turning back.

I thought that when I reached this point that I would either be doing my dream job or almost in tears because I wasn't where I wanted to be. I am happy to say that I am at neither points.

At the amazing age of 25 I think I have unlocked the secret to happiness, or let's say I have finally been passed the torch. No I am not doing my dream job, but I have discovered at the age of 25 what most people will never discover in a life time...that is how to look at life in a certain way in order to remain happy.

Ready for the big secret?

....Clean space, clean body, clean mind.

Clean Space: The first task is to make sure that everything around you is in order and organized. Your home must be clean and in some type of order that you understand. You should feel like your home is an escape from the cruel outside world. You should feel relaxed and comfortable. It should smell good, look good, and feel good. This also goes for you car or desk at work. The key is to create mini paradises. Everyone is always trying to escape on a vacation; create one in the spaces you live in everyday. Clean space allows room for you to sort out all the other craziness in your life. I have never been the organized type except when I was younger...I have changed that in a matter of a few days and already a weight has been lifted from my shoulder. I am adding things and taking away things from my "living" space that allows me to truly escape...(great things to add to your space: fresh flowers, plug-ins, paintings, comfortable mattress, and candles)

Clean Body: You must clean yourself physically. Start with a healthy diet. Everyone loves to pig out on the worlds great foods, and believe me I am one of them, but you must mentally convince yourself that a clean body is important. Decrease the amount of junk you put into your body, and watch the "junk" in your life come out. Add exercise to your life, a morning run, gym membership, or simply a physical activity you enjoy doing. You can simply do it for 30 mins a day, and you will instantly feel better. When you feel good physically, your entire attitude changes. You look better in your clothes, so you feel better. You don't feel heavy from junk food. It also takes a certain type of discipline to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. The mental and physical strength that it takes to maintain this lifestyle will help train your mind to accomplish many other goals in your life. A clean body makes room for a clear mind...

Clean Mind: Time to train your mind! You need focus, discipline, balance, and faith in your life. Finding something to focus on daily, weekly, or monthly is very important. Having focus gets your brain in the habit of obtaining goals. For example I made a monthly goal of reading four books a month. That is a small goal, but accomplishing that small goal creates a feeling of being able to accomplish anything. You also need to have discipline. You need to create challenging goals, and force yourself to stick to them. Take away something you enjoy in your life until you have reached your goals. I have a goal of getting my body in shape, so I took away certain foods and liquor until my goal is reached. Discipline is the secret to success, period. Finally, you need balance. You need to combine work and play in your life, and never too much of either. If you don't have this balance...you will feel like you are missing something in life. Trust me when I say that you can focus all your energy on work and die tomorrow without being able to say you enjoyed life. You won't be buried with your bills....

But what about faith? This gets a paragraph of its own. FAITH is one of the most important pieces to a puzzle of happiness. It is faith that no matter what happens everything will work out as planned. You have to live a life of NO WORRIES! Every time something happens that isn't how you planned it, you must have faith that there is a reason for it. I was in the hospital two weeks ago and was not able to go on a trip that I had planned for a year and I lost all of the money I paid for it. While I was sad for a second, I quickly bounced back with a smile on my face; life could never have been better. I am someone that bounces back from sad to happy in a matter of seconds, because I trust that there is a reason for everything. I trust that there are lessons I must learn in order to become a better me. People often wonder why I am always happy or always talking about how much fun I am having, it is because there is never a moment in my life where I am not celebrating the fact that I am alive. Good, bad, positive, or negative....it is all positive to me!

Once you get that....happiness will never go away! I promise!

I am about to be 25 and I have never felt more alive...


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