"Me Time"....when I want to get away from all of "You"

Ever feel like your head is about to bust? If you thought about anything else besides the head located on your shoulder, then you truly need to get your mind out of the gutter.. or maybe I am the only one that would think in such an inappropriate way. Back to the subject at hand.

Last night I slowly close my GMAT book, hoping that I had spent enough time to actually get my 720 that I am aiming for, my phone starts to buzz out of control. I can't imagine who could be sending me an email at this hour (Who the hell am I kidding? My phone rings, buzzes, and damn near screams at me every second of the day...why would I be so surprised now?).

I look down at it and I have a few emails from the Executive Director of a program I mentor and serve as Volunteer Coordinator for. There was nothing too stressful about the emails, but all of a sudden my body went into a form of shock. My mind began rolling out images of emails, children, work, bills, and GMAT problems. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. I got up and dropped everything that was in my hands, including my crackberry. (I never ever let go of it until it is time to go to bed...right down to the last second. Someone has to help me. I am addicted)

I sit on my bed, close my eyes, and the only thought that I blurt aloud is, "I am letting you take the driver seat. My thoughts and actions are in your hands". Then I don't think of anything else in particular. About 30mins later...my mind is completely clear. Not a stressful thought was going through my head.

I honestly can't even remember what was going through my head during that time, but all I know is that I let my mind relax and told God to clear it for me. TOTALLY WORKED!

I guess I was doing what we call meditating. I have never really done it before, except when I was told to do it in class as a child (during which I probably thought of just going to sleep and getting out of class as soon as possible) This time was totally different.

The feeling I had last night was one that people go through everyday. We are stressed from work, confused on where we are in life, can't make decisions, overwhelmed with children and relationships, and the list goes on. But do we ever just stop and let our thoughts relax? I think that to some meditation seems silly, or that it just won't work. I was totally surprised that it actually made a difference in my stressful life.

Here are a few things that might work for you during your day:

1. At any moment you are feeling overwhelmed about something, just stop and take 10 to 15mins to relax your mind.(can be longer)

2. Go to a quiet place. Your bedroom, or walk outside if you are at work.

3. Close your eyes (playing music is an option to add to this experience)

4. Say the following: "I am letting you take the driver seat. My thoughts and actions are in your hands" (You can say other variations of this.)

5. Let your mind go where it wants...completely relax your thoughts.

Do not allow room for disruption. You need to totally devote your mind to this time. Once you open your eyes you should feel a lot more relaxed and ready to start your day again.

This exercise can be done really quickly as well. Simply close your eyes for a few seconds, say the saying above, breath in, let your mind relax for a second, and then open again.

I am going to call this time "Me Time"...the time where you are not thinking about anything else, and you are alone with yourself. For those of you that believe in God, while you are alone with your thoughts, God is taking control of them and helping you sort them all out.

I hope this helps someone! Happy "Me Time"

-The Socialite


My "Secret" to the 120/720 Goal...

I am back Keeping Up family. I know that I have been away for awhile, but sometimes you must take time for yourself to truly find the words to share with others. We are like walking books; every time we move we create one more page of our story.

So let me share with you where I am in life. I have taken the "secret" of a successful life and put it into practice. I have decided to play a game with the Universe, and told it "may the best man win". I have decided to put two major goals out into the Universe and see what it throws back at me. Here is how the game goes (Which is taken from the book "The Secret" , combined with the good book "The Bible", and sprinkled with a little Socialite flavor!).

1. Come up with one or two major goals and set an end goal for accomplishing them.
2. Visualize what those goals will look like once accomplished.
3. Visualize and come up with a plan on how to get to your end goal.
4. Then it is time to go crazy!!!!!! Take those goals and place them in as many places as you can. It is time to tell and show the Universe what the heck you are trying to achieve. Write your goals on the walls, mirrors, facebook status, gchat status, tweet it, say it 10 times. Go dumb with it!!!
5. Then you want to wake up every morning and pray about it! Ask God for the strength to achieve what you have decided to go after.

That is how you will win and the only move the Universe has left to make is to throw what you asked for right back at you!

How you will lose:

1. You don't set clear goals.
2. You never come up with a real plan or you do not stick to your plan.
3. You never imagined what the end goal would look like.
4. You were afraid of looking crazy and didn't plaster your goals all over the place.
5. You forgot to talk to God about it.

The Universe will win that match!

So here are my goals Fam!


120 is my weight goal...(currently at 124 now...coming from 134)
720 is my Gmat goal (taking test in December)

I have already placed my goals in tons of places. Now time to go crazy on here:

120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120

720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720 720

720 120 720 120 720 120 720 120 720 120 720 120 720 120 720

Now it is your turn. Come up with 1 or 2 major goals and follow the steps above. I don't mind being the first place that you scream your goals. So leave a comment with the goal and write it as many times as you can!!!!

-The Socialite

120, 720


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