Don't Let Your Rent Be Late...He's Always On Time

Community Service is the rent we pay for living on this Earth. How many of you would be short on rent every month, or the majority of the months?

You have been blessed with a spot on this earth, and your renters rules are simple. Everyday you are encouraged to live your best life possible, co-exist with your neighbors, contribute to society in as many ways as possible, and pay your rent! Your rent is the service you do in your community. You can do something as small as buy someone that is hungry food, or as large as building a school in Africa. Whatever the deed, it will be weighted the same way and put towards your rent for being on this earth.

To make sure that you have enough rent by the end of the month, I would suggest that you give back to someone else at least once a week. Your God is aware that you still have to work, eat, and play to survive on this earth; so, if you can make time at least once a week, you are off to a great start.

I think everyone's goal should be to increase the amount of service they do as they continue to live on this earth. You should always be striving to do as much as you can for the community and in different ways.

God blesses us everyday and never says that he is too busy to give back to us. Why wouldn't you spend your days making sure to pay God back for all that has been given to you? When you give to others, that is all the thanks that he needs.

Everyday that you wait to give back because you feel like you are not ready or don't have enough time, is another day missed that could have saved a starving child or failing student. Don't let your rent be late.

-The Socialite


5 Things I Learned from "For Colored Girls"...

1. Women have to slow down when it comes to dating. The fact that we are all in a rush to jump the broom, or that we feel like there are only a few good black men, sometimes clouds our judgment when it comes to dating. We selectively ignore warning signs of a bad relationship because we are afraid that we will end up alone.

2. We must take it slow when it comes to how soon "we let someone in". Watch how soon you let someone into your personal space, physically, mentally, and literally. Hold off on sex, don't let people know everything about you so soon, and the 2nd date does not need to be at your home. When you allow someone in early, you run a higher risk of being taken advantage of.

3. We must support each other as women. We must be there to listen, and be willing to share our library of our own stories. So many women go through the same issues. There is no need for someone to go through a situation alone. We also have to watch out for our sister by not doing on to them what we don't want done to ourselves. We must be each others strength. Like in every Village, Elders make sure to pass these stories on to your daughters as well!

4. If you don't know who you are before you meet him or her, you can easily become more confused. Relationships can change people, but if you already have a strong foundation, it won't always be for the worse.

5. Never judge a person by their current situation. There is always a root to their problem; one that they continued to water, but usually didn't plant. The root of the challenged black man and woman relationship is the root that has caused all of our struggles...we have been placed in a system that has trapped our abilities to have effective relationships.

-The Down-Low Brother
-The Veteran (representing systems such as welfare and prisons that leave you feeling trapped)
-The Hoe
-Feuding Sisters
-Broken family
-The Aggressive Powerful Black Woman

These are a few themes in the movie, and a few examples of why we have challenges in our relationships. All of those themes have a dirty root.

-The Socialite


Someone is Walking in My Footsteps Today...

Today, live as if you have a youth walking by your side. Imagine if you were assigned a youth to walk with you for a day. What would they see? Would they be inspired? Would their lives be changed? We always talk about becoming a great role model for the youth, but do we actually live everyday as if we are seeking to inspire?

If I had a youth by my side for at least one day, I could imagine that I would probably do things much bigger. I would not want to let a moment pass of me taking advantage of everything around me. I would want them to see different places, taste different foods, see me work hard, and see me help someone in need. I would understand that my every move could possibly have an effect on the decisions they make for their own life in the future.

Today, try living as if someone was actually by your side. Do things that would inspire, shape, and mold the person that was looking. Diversify the things you do as well, for the person next to you would want to see it all.

The crazy thing is that although this is simply an exercise encouraging you to live the best life ever, the youth really is watching....Are you inspiring?

-The Socialite


A Living Legacy....

Today live so that you add to your legacy. Whatever u want your legacy to be, do one thing today that contributes to it. There are tons of people that live life and will leave tons of amazing memories behind with those that came to know them. Sadly, most of these memories will die with the people that hold them. There is nothing wrong with this. At the very least you should be working to have an impact on those around you, and leave them with memories to hold onto. But some of us want to live forever. Some of us want our name to be mentioned years after we pass, and our love ones pass. The way to do so, is to work towards building a strong legacy that can not be broken by time. Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Obama...these are names that will live forever.

Are you working towards that level? Are you working on doing something great? Work on making your impact larger than life, and even if you don't reach the status of those mentioned above, trust me the impact of your drive will be left behind. People that know you will be inspired to do great, and that will be passed on to other generations.

You must start building your legacy today...what if you only have today?

Have an amazing day Fam!

-The Socialite


Living In Memory Of....

We always hear that we should live life to the fullest, but sometimes we need something that reminds us just how important it is. This morning I challenged all of my Twitter followers to think of someone that has passed away in their life. Think about how this person lived everyday, and the ways they took advantage of life. With this person in mind, and their positive actions, live today for them, as if they had one more day to live. Remind them that you appreciated the time they spent on this earth, and you will not let this day pass you by.

I hope this leads to an amazing day. Good luck and may your family or friend smile down on you.

Today I am living in memory of my mother Sophie Womack. Everyday my mom walked around with a level of excellence that people dreamed of being able to touch. She also lived a selfless life, and touched hundreds throughout her lifetime.

I am also living in memory of my classmate Davon Green Franklin. He always had the words that could inspire anyone who heard them. His smile warmed anyone that passed him by. I am glad to have called Davon a friend and a PAL! :)

Live life to the fullest...everyday is not promised. Remember those who truly took advantage of the days that God gave them. I love you all!

Have a blessed week Fam.

-The Socialite


Just Throw It In The Box...

On an average day I feel as if we come across tons of challenges, emotions, actions, and people that in someway can have a large or small impact on our lives. How or if we let them effect us depends on us. Are we allowing the wrong things to effect us, and somehow blocking the energy that we should be letting in?

Let's pretend that we have a little box that we carry with us everyday, and when we get home we empty it into a larger box that makes up who we are overall. As we go throughout the day, things are constantly being dropped into our little box. Now, the box can only hold so much since it is really small. That means that we only have room to let in a few things. So we must become mindful of what we let in, or we might not be able to place something in the box that we really need.

So how do you determine what to let in the box and what not to? A major problem that we have as a people is that we sweat the small things. We focus on things that if thrown into our box simply take up space. We get mad when the bus is late, we complain when the person we are dating doesn't call us back when they said they would, we hate when we make a simple mistake, we want to fight when someone takes our parking spot, and the world is over if we aren't invited out by a friend to an outing and another friend is.

These are the type of situations that we should simply ignore and block from being thrown into our very small box. Simply close the lid of the box when these situations occur, hurry past the situation, and move on towards something positive that can be thrown into your box. If you allow them into your box, not only will your box be full of junk, but it also might BREAK! That is what happens when you allow things to weigh HEAVY on your heart for no reason.

You want to always leave room for positive things to be thrown into your box. That promotion coming, that fun event, that amazing friend, that gift from your boyfriend, that thank you from a stranger, or that blog post that you read on that might change your life.

Now, sometimes you will not be able to prevent something that you don't want in your box from coming in. Things like death, the lost of a job, or becoming ill might sneak into your box and is out of your hands. But don't worry, there is space in your box allotted for life's lessons. If you look at these situations as not being negative, they will simply turn into much needed lessons to learn from.

At the end of your day you should have majority positive items in your box, and maybe one or two hard life lessons. When you go home to empty the small box into the larger will be one step closer to building a more positive YOU.

Have you ever wondered why when you let one bad moment effect you in the start of your day, why it seems that nothing goes right the rest of the day? That is because you filled your little box with negative energy, and now there is no more room for something positive to fit.

What do you allow into your box?

-The Socialite


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