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ShyahD: So I think I'm at a crossroad re: my career (dramatic but serious). Do you think there's a direct correlation between your purpose in life and your career?

The Socialite: I think everybody dreams of connecting their purpose in life and their career. It is a dream come true to wake up and feel as if you are fulfilling your life purpose and getting paid to do so. While I think that there are some people who are living out their purpose through their careers, there are many people that may never be able to connect the two depending on what their purpose is. I don't think that everyone can. If you feel your purpose is helping kids then maybe you can be a teacher, but what if what you think your purpose is doesn't translate into a specific career? I guess that leads to the question, is passion the same thing as purpose? I think that without a doubt you should connect passion to your career.

ShyahD: I don’t think passion and purpose are necessarily the same; I do believe there will be passion in the purpose. We can have many interest and many things we're passionate about, but your purpose is that gravitation, that force, the thing you do without thinking, the thing that works out effortlessly, because it's in the will of a higher power. While many never tap into their purpose, there are some fortunate enough to eventually find a way to bring everything together. They’re able to marry the passion and career to the purpose. I was thinking about this last night because I'm passionate about so many different things, but they aren't all correlated. I want to find the common denominator that links it all.

The Socialite: The interesting thing is that we are apart of a generation who wants to embrace every aspect of our purpose, combined with passions and make money at the same time. Generations before us didn't really have the means or the opportunities to sit back and discover their true callings. They had to do what made them the most money to support their families and many times their passions and small hobbies were brushed under the rug.

We have an advantage as a generation to truly embrace what makes us happy and to fulfill our life purpose in the right ways, but it is a gift and a curse. The above is the gift, but the curse is that it leaves us confused. I don't how many people I have talked to our age who aren’t a little confused about what it is they are suppose to be doing in life. As a result, everyone feels like they are behind or they feel all over the place as they jump from opportunity to opportunity, never truly building a career in any field or area.

I sit around everyday either praying, meditating, or simply talking to God, trying to figure out how to make my passions into a career. The crazy thing is, like most people these days, I have so many passions but I don't know how they translate into a career. I know one of my biggest passions is helping the youth like you, but I am not ashamed to say that I also want to be successful financially and I know there is very few dollars behind work like that. I am so lost at times...sigh.

ShyahD: I was having a discussion about passion/purpose awhile ago with one of my mentors and he mentioned that sometimes people try to focus in too narrowly on their purpose. He said it should be general but specific to you, similar to a company's mission statement. So your purpose in life can be ‘to positively motivate and inspire young people’. Therefore, everything you do in life should someway positively motivate and/or inspire youth whether your a teacher, author, marketing director, whatever it may be, your work should reflect your purpose. I thought it made a lot of sense and it helps to give your life direction. Before I embark on anything I ask myself why?(am I doing this) and how?(does it align with my life goal/ purpose)

The Socialite: I love that! I think that we all (this includes our readers ) should sit down and think about our life mission statement. It would be a good idea to also write it out and maybe even hang it on your wall. After you know your life Mission Statement you then try to figure out what you are passionate about and how to turn that into a career, hobby, or volunteer opportunity, all while making sure it goes a long with your mission statement. One thing that I am starting to come to terms with is not being afraid to take on an opportunity or do work that you might not be so passionate about to survive financially, but at the same time understanding that while you are working at this "job" that you can always work on your passions on the side, and at any moment it can lead to a career. Also, not being afraid that it will be too late to start the career of your dreams. It is never too late as long as you continue to embrace your passions everyday. Eventually if you are working at them hard enough something amazing will come out of it.

ShyahD: Writing out your mission statement, hanging it up, sending yourself weekly reminders, all that is necessary to keep us centered and balanced. Another thing I believe is we are already living out our purpose, whether we realize it or not. That's why I loved your idea of the Basket List. We have these unique connections and experiences for a reason. There's a reason I went to Howard University and there's a reason I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I believe all these small things will come full circle. They're all small pieces to that big picture. So remember what you accomplished, reflecting on these unique experience can aid in identifying future opportunities that can take you to that next level, whatever that next level may be.

The Socialite: Agreed! Basket list, mission statement, bucket list, praying, meditating, all these things simply mean that you are taking time out of your day to focus in on what you really are here for. I think if people take at least a few hours out of the day to focus on their passions, either by doing one of the above things or actually carrying out the passion, you will move a lot faster towards connecting purpose with passion, and actually carrying them out. Most of the time people become so frustrated with connecting everything that they just push it all away and give up, and then regret so many things later on in their life or they’re never truly happy with what they are doing. I say carrying out and focusing on your passions start today, whether it be in a big way or small, and most importantly make sure that while you are focusing on your passions that you don't focus on what everybody else has to say. We live in a society that pushes success and so many people are watching and criticizing that we lose focus on what makes us happy and instead we try to make others happy.

ShyahD: Couldn't have said it better!!! Society also defines success by material possessions. It would be unfortunate to reach the end of life with fancy toys, but never identifying your purpose. I think purpose, passion and career can all be directly associated. Embracing your individuality will bring you closer to finding and embracing the correlation between the three.
e three.

-The Socialite and ShyahD

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