LIVE It Into Existence

People can end up spending their entire lives WISHING they could do all of the things they dreamed of. They sit around and picture the life they COULD live, but end up either taking forever to bring that picture to life, or never do. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Whatever you want out of life you have to LIVE it into existence.

You must wake up everyday and start living exactly how you wish to live. What does that mean crazy lady? How can you live something that hasn't come true yet? I will give you a few examples:

1. You want to be famous. So start acting like it! Put yourself out there. Increase your twitter and facebook presence, blog, vlog, etc.. There are tons of ways to start building a brand for yourself, and with technology you have no excuse on coming up with ways to get your talent out there. Wake up everyday and do one thing that gets 10 more people to know who you are. That is a very small goal for someone who wishes that millions of people will know who they are. Are you waiting for them to discover you? Noooo make them discover you.

2. You want to be married. Start acting like a wife!! Make a goal to make a new dish every week. Stop partying every moment you get. Start hanging out in spots where you can meet guys that share your interest. Start working on your patience in dealing with another person. Test it in as many ways as you can. You have to start training for the perfect wife position now...not later. AND stop stop saying you will never find a man. You never will because you are putting that energy out there.

3. You want to save the world. So at what point do you think that can start happening? Do you think you have to be Oprah with millions of dollars to do so? How selfish of you to say you want to save the world, but you want to wait until someone saves you by giving you success first. START TODAY! Every week come up with one way to give back. Sign up to volunteer somewhere. Save the world one person at a time through small ways...

The point is that unless you start living out your dreams today, tomorrow will continue to seem so far away. Why do we chase our dreams instead of just grabbing them by the neck? Why don't we just claim whoever we want to be right now?

Ill start: I want to become known for helping people live their best lives just like Oprah, in as many ways as I can. To tell you the truth I have no clue what way will bring me the success I want, but all I know is below is how I have started:

1. I blog and share my life lessons with people.
2. I write for other blogs increasing my presence to more people.
3. I tweet inspirational messages and work to increase my followers everyday.
4. I mentor for young girls every Saturday, and even took on a leadership position as volunteer coordinator to increase the amount of work I do to help.
5. I remain happy and strong as often as I can so that I can hopefully pass my energy on to someone else.

These small things bring me one step closer to becoming the person I want to be known for. What are you waiting for?

-The Socialite



Paris said...

Thank you

best pharmacy said...

that is too motivating and inspiring and I have to say that I have been there, I was one of those people that spent most of their lives wishing and dreaming of everything I could live and do till I decided to do it and I did, no I love my life!

Loola said...

This content is informative, interesting, engaging and easy to read. I am glad I ran across this information and got to read it.

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