Lent Season...Tis the Season to Sacrifice

It is crazy how God has given us so much, and how we expect so much more, but we find it hard to sacrifice for only 40 days, or refuse to. For everyone who has decided to sacrifice something for these next 40 days, you are in my prayers. During Lent may you decrease, and he increase. May your relationship with God grow stronger. It is listening time! :)

If you aren't religious, during a random amount of days, you should still try giving up something. You might discover a lot about yourself. Sacrifice and discipline shows you strength you never knew you had; comfort keeps you blind to it, thus keeping you in the same place.

Think of Lent season as a time where you are going to an Island away from all of your normal distractions, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and focusing. For many that will be focusing more on their relationship with God. If you are not religious or spiritual, think of it as a time to discover more about yourself. :)

I am doing the Daniel Fast for Forty Days:

Click here to read more on the fast...

God Bless,

The Socialite



Thomas Woodall said...

After the Lenten season, 'tis the season to relax and enjoy. One should go out to the beach, have fun with friends, play poker and see how much one can win with pot odd calculator.

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