A struggle to Keep Up...

What is it about blogging that has everyone across the world wanting to be apart of it? Is it the natural love for writing and being able to share your thoughts with hundreds without having to worry about getting your work published? Is it the fact that tons of bloggers are making money off of their blogs and people see it as an easy way to make money while sitting on their couch watching re-run episodes of Friends and Fresh Prince? I won’t fail to mention the fact that you can blog about any and every topic there is out there from celebrity gossip to eating bugs. Whatever the reason, blogging is one of the biggest things to happen to the internet, and for me it has been rewarding.

Every time you look up you probably see a new blog popping up in your Facebook news feed or someone tweeting a link to check out their new blog. The issue isn’t coming up with a blog idea (or taking from the thousands of blogs out there); the issue is after a few months coming up with content to keep you going.

When you first start blogging you dive into it. You spend hours coming up with the perfect design, you come up with all of these cool ways to market your blog, you research the best ways to connect with other bloggers, and your blog post ideas are flowing out at a rapid pace. You also make sure to allot enough time a day or week to make sure you actually take the time to post. Things are looking up, people are commenting, and you are sure that this moment will last forever.

What happens when this moment passes? What happens when you get writer’s block and you lose the energy you once had? Your blog becomes another URL address lost on the web.

I have been going through that lately. When I first started my blog it was simply therapy for the lost of my mother. The art of simply writing was therapy enough, but the fact that I was writing about issues, current events, and people that affected the African American community, was even better. I can remember winning my first award, receiving tons of emails saying how great of a job I was doing, and spending hours coming up with my next post idea. But then I started a new job and lost my energy for blogging. I also took for granted that blog ideas would always just come. I realized that a successful blog was a job in itself. I also lost my passion for simply sharing my thoughts about our community, and got it confused with the desire to make a big time blog.

I have now come back full circle, and realize that I must go back to my original passion for blogging. I must channel back to the girl who lost her mother and simply wanted to talk about issues that matter most to herself and her mother.

To my fellow bloggers:

I am not sure what reasons you have for blogging, but I encourage you to stay true to the original passion you developed for blogging. Write about things that you know and matter most to you. These are the type of blogs that people will appreciate. It is just like writing a book. The best way to connect to your readers is them seeing that you are truly connected to what you are writing about.

In my journey to continue to keep up…I lost sight of what that truly meant…

-The Socialite


Dorothy J Channel Intro

Take a look at this intro video of a young lady who hopes to inspire people to join together and help change the world through one vlog at a time. Also check out the DorothyJChannel to see more of her inspirational videos. These videos will not only inspire you, but you are sure to be entertained. Fam I think she is trying to give me a run for my bid to be the next Oprah. We both can do it I guess! :)


NAACP chapter installs its first white president

A NAACP chapter in Aiken County installs its first white president. As I set and read this article I couldn't help but shake my head in disagreement. It didn't make sense to me that a white man could possibly be able to lead an organization that fights for the rights of the African American community. I also thought, why do they always have to come into the things that we created for ourselves, and take over?

I continued to read the article, and it stated the amount of work that Philip Howell, Aiken County's new president, put into the organization throughout the years, and the high level of support that the other members give him. It started to make me think; does it matter what race someone is if they are truly dedicated to the mission of the organization?

While I pondered on that question, I started remembering different history lessons on how white people have always helped African Americans and their fight for equality. They even helped start some of our HBCUs. Just like those white people back in the day showed their deep concern for the plight of the black man, it would only be fair to consider the concerns of the white man today.

While I would rather an African American President lead a movement for African American rights, after much thought I am now more open to the idea of a white president or any race that shares the concerns that we have as a people. I also understand that the struggle we have as a race needs to be understood by the masses, and what better way then to join forces with other races. Howell is not the only white president of a NAACP chapter and the organization was founded with white men as well. I thank all those out there that have stepped up to take on a much needed fight.

The concern that others have for our race should only inspire you to want to work harder for your own race. Make sure that you join the movement and become a leader for the fight for equality and justice for our people. We should be leading our own movement!!!

What do you think about the NAACP having white presidents lead some of their chapters?

-The Socialite

Original article: http://www.aikenstandard.com/Local/0106-naacp-meeting


The Cougars are Prowling...

Vivica Fox is engaged to a man that is almost 20 years younger than her, and she is just one example of the many women who are embracing this new trend of Cougars. What is it about younger men that are attracting so many older women?

We are all use to the older man becoming a hawk as he is surrounded by younger girls waiting to be swept off of their feet, but now women are doing the same. What is it for the older woman? Does she like being in control? Does he make her feel younger? Is there a limit on older men or men their age? Whatever the reason may be, this trend seems to be becoming a trend amongst all types of women. It isn't just the woman over 40 looking to get her groove back, it is also the woman who is in her late 20s looking to hook up with a boy in his early 20s. While the latter isn't as big of a gap, there is still a difference between a woman in her late 20s and a man in his early 20s.....maturity level! Either way women are going for the younger man.

What is even more interesting is that younger men are lining up for the opportunity to be with an older woman. From simply wanting to have sex with an older woman to wanting an older woman who will become their Sugar Mama, the line truly is long!

What I really want to know is how these relationships are working out? Men tend to want their women young and beautiful. Are these Cougar relationships only short-term, allowing for both parties to have a little fun, or can these relationships truly be long-term?

I want to hear from you.

Would you date a guy younger than you, and how much younger?

Do you think that these type of relationships are more short-term fun or long-lasting?

-The Socialite


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