A man’s guide to wearing pink

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Pink is a colour that tends to dominate female wardrobes; however, back in the 19th century, it was a shade most associated with boys and denoted masculinity. When worn correctly, there is no reason modern men should not give a nod to the fashion heritage of this colour and include it in their wardrobe.

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Complement your skin tone

From pale, pastel hues to vibrant fuchsia tones, there is great variation on the pink colour spectrum. When choosing which shade of pink to wear, use your skin tone as a guide. Pale pink colours suit darker skin tones or post-holiday tans, while bolder pinks complement pale skin. If you do not pick the right shade of pink to suit your skin tone, you could end up looking pasty or washed out.

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Simplicity is key

As a man looking to pull off the colour pink, it is a good idea to keep things simple. According to GQ Magazine, you should not go all-out pink; instead, play it safe with a single pink item, whether a T-shirt, pair of trainers or pair of socks.

The hero tie

For those new to wearing pink, a tie is a good option to begin experimenting with this colour. It doesn’t even need to be completely pink – one with pink stripes or small pops of pink can enable you to embrace this colour with confidence. Combine your tie with mens Farah shirts from stockists such as http://www.ejmenswear.com/brands/farah  for a casual or formal look that oozes style and class.

Not just for summer

We often think of pink as a summer-only colour; however, it deserves to be taken out of the wardrobe during the colder months of the year. Pink can prove an interesting contrast to dark colours that are often winter staples – think a pink shirt or tie combined with a grey suit and you have style written all over your outfit.

Colour complements

Wearing all-out pink is a no-no for a man, but what colours does it work best with to create a look that is cool and sophisticated rather than gaudy? Beige, grey, white and darker shades of green or blue are good bets when it comes to colour combining with pink; however, much depends on how much pink you add to your outfit and what item of clothing it features on.

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