Can Cannabis Help Sinusitis?

Can Cannabis Help Sinusitis?
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Cannabis has been linked with solving many health problems. These range from helping with pain relief, to aid dieting, as well as even forming as part of a treatment for certain cancers. One condition with which attention has been focussed on is with regards to Sinusitis. This is basically a condition which is characterized by the inflammation of the sinuses. This normally occurs as a response from the body when an infection strikes. It may not necessarily be a bacterial infection though. It could be a fungal or even a viral infection. While infections are a common trigger, it can happen also in conjunction with an allergic reaction. Sinusitis affects people of all ages, and can be a chronic condition for many.

Treatment methods vary for Sinusitis. Sometimes antibiotics are necessary to tackle the underlying infection. This is currently the only treatment method for tackling the infection. But, the discomfort of the Sinusitis can be lessened using other medications, and this is where medicinal marijuana can come in.Image result for Can Cannabis Help Sinusitis?

In previous research, cannabis has been known to act as a bronchodilator. By using cannabis, it can let users who suffer from Sinusitis to breathe easier. It is difficult to breath because of the mucus which often builds up, which is also accompanied with a sore through or a runny nose. If you have trouble breathing, it is important to not smoke the cannabis. Your healthcare professional can recommend another method of ingestion, such as through edibles or by using a vaporizer.

Medical professionals believe that cannabis can have a similar, if not better effect, than codeine which is often used in the treatment for cancer. Cannabis known to be a good pain reliever. But, many pain relievers that exist are poor at treating headaches. Cannabis in fact does have a good effect and migraine and cluster headache sufferers have reported good results when using cannabis.

When it comes to sinus pain, cannabis can do really well to tackle this pain. It’s perfect for tackling other pain such as nerve, headache and muscle related pain as well. Studies have shown that it can be used as a viable alternative for chronic pain sufferers who use opiates as a treatment route.

Another area of study which is drawing a lot of attention right now is with regards to reducing inflammation generated from the Sinusitis. Studies into Chrones disease have found that cannabis can reduce inflammation of the bowel. Whether this can transfer into hard evidence for reducing inflammation of the sinuses is another thing, but researchers are confident this can take place.

If you are looking to start using cannabis to help treat your Sinusitis, then we’d recommend you check out your nearest dispensary (use the dispensaries near me tool) and they will give you advice on which strain to use.

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