Curtis Cripe Takes on Drug Addiction Recovery Process

Curtis Cripe Takes on Drug Addiction Recovery Process
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Addiction is a growing trouble which does not seem to go away. This problem has become so complicated that experts are banging their heads to find a solution which will stop addiction in youth. What the experts want to tell people is addiction does not help. Usually, when it comes to drug addiction people think that only addiction to illegal substances like grass or hash is dangerous to health. However, what they fail to understand is not only illegal substances, but, drug addiction can happen with medicated drug too.

This means drugs that you buy showing doctor’s prescription can also put you at risk of getting addicted to it. Curtis Cripe is an addiction recovery expert. He is a neuroengineer with degree in psychology. He says that while treating the drug addicts, he has felt that drug addiction, or alcohol addiction begins inside the mind. These are mostly mental issued which need to be treated without any delay. The more you delay treating addiction, the bigger this problem would grow.Related image

Everything in life comes with signs. This means there will be symptoms which would scream aloud that you are going downhill. There will be signs that you have been captivated by drug or alcohol. To get cured you need to identify these signs. To get rid of drug addiction, you need to know what your daily life and your health are trying to tell you.

When one prescription does not help in buying the right amount of drugs that you are consuming, you would go visit different doctors. Now, this is not a normal behavior to want to consume drug that bad. If this has become a daily routine, you need to check yourself before it goes out of hand. You need to seek help because only proper help can get you away from such behavior. Controlling the urge to consume drug can be a difficult task. The more you consume the worse your situation would go.

Those who are under the clutches of drug and alcohol, usually consume any type of drug. They would take drugs in any form. They end up using others’ prescription. They also end up consuming the medicines that are meant for them. This is serious situation and when left untreated can cause a lot of health related issues.

Tolerance level says a lot about your addiction. When you keep consuming drugs and don’t have the same feeling, you should understand that you have some problem. Don’t leave the matter untreated; your consumption will only increase. Think about this as a warning sign. Take it as something which you need to treat immediately.

Curtis Cripe says that those who are going through prescribed medicine abuse will use medicine in a way which is not prescribed by a doctor. They would either crush the pill or take the medicine in larger amount. The doses would increase or they would be combined by some other substances. This is a sign that you are not doing right to your body.


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