How to reduce noise on your wooden floors

How to reduce noise on your wooden floors
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Many homeowners favour wooden floors over carpet because they look more stylish, are more hygienic, and go with any kind of decor. They are a popular choice in all rooms of the home; however, one area in which they sometimes fall short is when it comes to noisiness. Unlike a carpet, which muffles the sound of footsteps, voices, music and more, wooden floors can be very noisy if you are not careful.


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Here are some simple ways to minimise the noise from your home’s wooden floors, whether solid wood or engineered wood flooring.

Use the right underlay

Any underlay will help to reduce the amount of noise from a wooden floor. If you have particular concerns about noise travelling from a certain room of your home – a child’s bedroom, for example, or a busy hallway outside your home office – it is possible to lay special underlays that will help. Before purchasing underlay, check with the manufacturer of your flooring that it is compatible with your new floor.

A reputable supplier such as will be able to guide you in the right direction. Apartment Therapy explains that underlay can help to absorb the sound from footsteps – perfect for upstairs rooms.

Add a rug

Adding a rug is the simplest way to add an element of soundproofing to your home; in addition, it is a good budget option. While it is not always the most effective method of soundproofing, it can be a big help in certain rooms. If, for example, your main issue is with footsteps or dropped items – toys in a child’s bedroom, perhaps – a big, soft rug can absorb a lot of this sound. It is also a great way to add a comfortable and soft play area if you have small children who spend a lot of time on the floor.

Add pads to your furniture

One of the most irritating noises is the sound of a chair or table being dragged across a hard floor, such as wood. Not only is the noise unpleasant but also it can scratch and damage your flooring over time. To resolve this issue, add some simple felt pads to chair and table legs. These are widely available at DIY and homeware stores and are very affordable.

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