Lawn Mower Safety

Lawn Mower Safety
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Personal injuries involving lawn mowers are more common than many people think.  By following some simple guidelines, children (as well as adults) can be safe around a lawn mower.

Mowing the lawn is a household chore that young adults can safely do (according to the Academy of Pediatrics).  A push mower (once properly instructed) can be safely operated by children from the age of 12 and up.  Children, starting from the age of 16, should be able to operate a motorized ride-on mower.  Of course, good judgement; physical strength; and coordination should also be considered factors.  Prior to handing over this job to the next generation, it is vital that they are properly and thoroughly instructed on the use the equipment.

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Preparing to Mow:

  1. Double check that young children and pets are inside the home, or at a safe distance from the area that will be mowed.
  2. Mow only during daylight hours.
  3. Do not mow when grass is wet (after a rain, for example).
  4. Do not mow during a lightning storm.
  5. Avoid steep slopes, as the mower will more than likely flip leaving the operator in a dangerous situation.  For minor slopes, remember that rider mowers function better up and down a slight incline, and push mowers function more effectively going parallel to the slope.
  6. Prior to mowing, move stones, lawn toys, twigs, or any other items that could be thrown by the blades and cause damage.

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While mowing:

Before engaging the blades, take the mower for a “test” ride, to ensure that everything is working properly.

It is strongly advised to wear closed toes shoes with rubber soles; protective eye goggles and ear protection; and avoid loose-fitting clothing that could get caught in the mower blades.  In addition, use extra care around trees and corners (or anything else that may block your vision).  Also, unless absolutely necessary, do not mow in reverse.  In addition, like an automobile, a motorized lawn mower is a deadly piece of equipment that should be treated with respect.  It is for this reason, that everyone who operates a lawn mower (whether manual or motorized) should have a full understanding of how the machine operates, prior to using it.  It may be fun for young children to ride with you, but it is not safe to have passengers with you, while you are operating a mower.

Other points to consider:

Never add gasoline when the lawn mower is running, and always allow a sufficient cool down period before adding gas to the tank.  Also, never add gasoline in an enclosed environment (like a garage), and immediately clean up any spills that may have occurred.

It is strongly advised, that to keep your mower working at optimal levels at all times you should inspect and clean the mower after each and every use.

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