The Therapeutic Power of Tibetan Bowls

The Therapeutic Power of Tibetan Bowls
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Did you know that the most contemporary physics ensures that, in the end, everything is composed of vibration? Did you know that each thing has a specific vibration and that the whole universe vibrates? Imagine, then, the enormous power of Tibetan bowls, sound and music therapy in all kinds of applications for health, mind and emotions

The Tibetan Bowls

It is not known very well what was the origin of the Tibetan bowls, although there are many legends in this respect. In any case, Tibetan bowls have been used in the medical and oriental philosophy systems for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years.

The authentic Tibetan bowls are composed of the seven metals alloy (gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, mercury and tin) corresponding to the seven celestial bodies; to the seven chakras.

According to these philosophies, any alteration in physical, mental or emotional health has to do with an imbalance, with a vibratory decompensation. That is, when certain cells start to vibrate at a different frequency from the rest of the body, these cells become sick. The Tibetan bowls have been used and are still used to modify the cell structure altering its vibration. Of course, the cells of the nervous system (to tune agitation) and neurons are also affected (to achieve higher states of consciousness and greater clarity or mental harmony).

Scientific references on Tibetan bowls

Until a few years ago, to any Westerner these practices would have looked like a patochada (it is a pity that arrogance prevents us from opening the mind to new possibilities). However, it is astounding that the most modern quantum mechanics has so much in common with thoughts already expressed by ancient Oriental masters thousands of years ago. Teachers who, of course, did not have sophisticated laboratories, but with a much more open mind and void of prejudices.

Anyway, if you need Western references to believe in something, we will tell you that there are more and more. For example, a pioneering study in Europe on the impact of vibration and music therapy on health conducted by the University of Granada has shown that music therapy and imaging significantly reduce pain in the case of fibromyalgia, depression, stress , Insomnia , etc. Dr. Gaynor, Rector of the Department of Oncology Medicine at the Strangh Cornell Center in New York, says he has been very successful in his cancer patients by altering cellular functions through quartz bowls. We do not want to bore you with more references, but there are many.

Why do Tibetan bowls have the ability to heal?

If we fill a Tibetan bowl of water and vibrate the sound, we will observe that the water begins to create bubbles until little by little, begins to dance vigorously and to jump to great height. Keeping in mind that our body is mostly water, you can get an idea of how the cells of your body composed, almost for the most part, of water will vibrate. Placing a bowl near the body (or in direct contact) and making it vibrate supposes an integral cellular stimulation.

There are theories about resonance that ensure that a harmonious, beautiful and healthy sound ends up “contagious” to the weakest or diseased vibrations altering its molecular structure. That is, by resonating a Tibetan bowl we can modify our weak or diseased molecular structure so that it resonates in a healthy and harmonic vibration.

In addition, this vibration also alters the brain waves inducing higher states of consciousness, a deep relaxation and a greater capacity for self-healing.

As you know, we like to contrast the information and use scientific research if possible. But we are also aware of the many limitations of what we here in the West understand as science, such as the economic interests of those who finance the studies, the interested conclusions that can be reached depending on the hypothesis of which it is part, or even The fact that it is very complicated to take into account all the variables and interdependence of factors that occur in real life outside the laboratory.

So, honestly, we do not care whether or not there are scientific studies. What we do know firsthand are the extraordinary effects of bowls in the mind and body. If you are curious, you just have to try it. After listening for a few minutes, the inner peace, relaxation and mental clarity you feel is simply extraordinary.

Metal bowls and quartz bowls

The metal bowls are the original Tibetans, composed, as we said, by 7 metals. They are those that have been used for thousands of years in health therapies and, above all, to stimulate self-healing through meditation with sound (meditation bowls, mantras, etc.).

The quartz bowls are more modern. They were created in the 60’s but are of extraordinary interest. It appears that their molecular structure is very similar to that of human DNA, so they have a great potential to “infect” diseased cells with the correct or harmonic original vibration. Its sound can reach up to a kilometer away and last for several minutes before completely extinguishing.

Benefits of tiebtan and quartz bowls

Taking into account that sound vibrations affect our whole body at a global level (mental, physical and spiritual), we can use the Tibetan or quartz bowls for different purposes that also function synergistically and in a holistic way.

  • To induce states of deep relaxation when practicing yoga or meditation
  • To reduce stress, anxiety and nervousness
  • To treat all types of pain (muscular pain, fibromyalgia, migraine and tension pains, etc.)
  • As an aid in integrative cancer treatment or immune system abnormalities
  • To achieve greater mental clarity, greater concentration, greater intellectual performance, memory, etc.
  • To improve sadness and depression

How to Use Tibetan and Quartz Bowls

To benefit from music therapy and the use of Tibetan bowls we can go to the consultation of a music therapy professional. We can also buy a bowl (metal or quartz) in a musical instrument store and use it at home or enjoy the many concerts with Tibetan bowls that are performed in almost all yoga centers and alternative therapies.

In any case, bowls can be used in two ways:

Bath sound: simply listening to the vibrations and trying to apply mental concentration. We can at the same time, perform a meditation session, sing mantras, etc.

Body massage with vibration: another way we can use it is to place the bowl on certain areas of the body while we make it vibrate so that our cells come into contact with the vibrations of sound and thus produce a real physical and energetic invigoration of the body.

As we always say, believe or not believe, to prove nothing is lost. Closing the doors to something just because it is not part of our beliefs is a real nonsense. Obviously, each person is a world and each one must choose the therapy with which he feels the most comfortable or the one he considers most related.

If music therapy does not convince you, here are some suggestions of natural therapies:

  • Ayurveda
  • Osteopathy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Bach flowers
  • Homeopathy
  • Oligoterapia
  • Sales by Schussler
  • Reiki
  • Orthomolecular Therapy
  • Chromotherapy
  • Geotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Shiatsu
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
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