Upper Eyelid Surgery: Expectation, Facts, And Cost

Upper Eyelid Surgery: Expectation, Facts, And Cost
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For those of you who are going for a more youthful look, the eyelid surgery might just be the answer. If you are interested in the pricing in general, you should know that it varies from the procedure to the surgeon. In any case, you should know that the cost of upper eyelid surgery from Dr. Naveen Somia is more than affordable.

Have you ever looked at the mirror and seen tired and puffy eyes staring back at you? Well, there are many types of blepharoplasty that will turn that tired and old look, into a more youthful one. These procedures will surely help you look and feel fresh!

How is the procedure done?

First of all, you should schedule consultations before you actually go under the knife. This way you will get to learn everything about the procedure before it actually happens, which includes risks and after factors.

Consultations are a must before every cosmetic or plastic procedure

During the eyelid surgery, the excess skin, fat and muscle will be removed, which will eliminate the puffiness and wrinkles as it tightens your skin. In the upper eyelid, the incision can be easily hidden with the natural curve of your eyes, but besides the surgery you also have other injections that can help.

Eyelid surgery can help you see better

While most people will have blepharoplasty for cosmetic reasons, others might have it for medical reasons too. Sagging skin on your upper eyelids and around your eyes can sometimes be too heavy, which can cause your vision to be bad. When the excess skin is removed, your vision is bound to improve as well.

The cost of the eyelid surgery

If you are having the eyelid surgery because of medical reasons, your insurance might actually cover the costs, but sometimes they will not cover everything. It is important that you have enough money not only for the surgery itself but for the pre-consultations and the after surgery necessities.

In comparison to other cosmetic surgeries, the eyelid surgery can be performed at a relatively low price. The usual eyelid surgery will cost around $4.000, but you might find some doctors who will charge up to about $7.000 and some who will charge you about $2.000.anti aging food

A good eyelid surgery will make you feel and look good

The price itself usually depends on the procedure you are having done. On average, the price of upper eyelid surgery will cost you around $2.100, while the lower eyelid surgery will cot you about $2.400. You also have the laser eyelid surgery that is higher than the usual cost of the blepharoplasty, as it costs somewhere between $3.000 and $5.000.


While eyelid surgery can surely make you have a more youthful look, it is not a magical surgery. This means that it will improve your appearance and it will not make you look 20-years-old in your 50s. Keep in mind that even after the surgery has been done, you will still age, and your skin will continue to sag. However, the effects of this surgery can last up to 7 years.

Final word

One of the most important things is to find the right surgeon for yourself, which means a doctor who knows what he is doing. You have a lot of great surgeons everywhere and some of them offers the best plastic surgery in Bondi Junction.


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