Weapons and Wheels: Why Truckers Need To Be Armed

Weapons and Wheels: Why Truckers Need To Be Armed
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Nowadays, threats can come from almost anywhere. Some citizens, especially in the armed forces and in law enforcement agencies, are legally allowed to own weaponry specifically to carry out their missions and tasks. These armaments are only allowed for use in combat by troops and police officers.

Examples of these weapons are the M4 Carbine which is the standard assault weapon of military personnel. Another exclusive military weapon is the Barret M82. It is an anti-material rifle capable of destroying tanks and enemy bunkers. Legally, a person can own these weapons, but they are subject to heavy scrutiny and careful processing for owning such weapons. It can inflict a significant amount of damage considered to be excessive if used for self-defense reasons.

For civilians, however, owning a gun may be crucial in their daily jobs. As mentioned above, threats can come from anywhere and anytime. Although the term “weapon” is not exclusive for firearms, a lot of people also arm themselves with melee weapons such as knives, batons, and brass knuckles.


In Florida, where interstate truck drivers are frequent in the state, drivers often carry concealed weapons. This fact is because they carry valuable cargo in their vehicles intended for large-scale retail businesses. Cargo like cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and petrol are high-risk valuables which need protection from thieves.

Truck drivers who arm themselves are not uncommon sights. A lot of situations such as those of Jason Rivenburg, a truck driver who got shot by a thief while he was unloading cigarettes, are the source of concern for these truckers. Unfortunately, Jason had succumbed to his wounds and died. Had he been armed, the criminal would have gotten shot instead. Here we take a look at the truck driver’s favorite weapons to arm:

Pistols and Revolvers

Handguns or pistols are easily concealable and can pack a powerful punch. Pistols usually come with to 10-15 bullets. The typical guns equipped are Smith and Wesson .45 ACP and .357 revolvers. As with law and gun ordinance, permits are required to carry pistols.



Another easily concealable weapon is the knife. Although they come with limited range, damage can be just as effective. The drawbacks, however significantly put the driver at risk. A lot of knives injure their wielder. Butterfly knives and Jack knife accidents are the most common injuries when handling them due to their folding mechanisms.

Blunt objects

Objects such as baseball bats, crowbars, and tire irons make perfect weapons for self-defense. As with knives, the drawback is their range. But one good swing can immediately incapacitate a criminal should they come close.


Although considered as a long firearm, shotguns can be sawed off to be better concealed. 12 gauge shotguns are the common weapons for truckers. These weapons are loaded with pellet shots or buckshot. They can also come with single, heavy projectile bullets that have incredible stopping power. Stopping power is considerably more than that of an average pistol. The only downside of a shotgun is its mediocre range and cumbersome reloading.



Although injuring or possibly killing someone is the last thing on almost everybody’s mind, one has to prioritize his or her life first. Preservation of one’s life comes first before anything else. Second, people who are at significant risk deserve the right to carry weapons that can potentially harm others who may attempt to do criminal acts. In certain situations, people can and will resort to force.

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