You Need To Know: Lost Cargo From Trucks Can Cause Multiple Accidents

You Need To Know: Lost Cargo From Trucks Can Cause Multiple Accidents
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It is normal in Hollywood and Georgia highways to see semi-trailers and large commercial trucks carrying massive amounts of cargo. It also occurs that some of this cargo spill on the side of the road because of improper security.

Under federal laws and regulations, trucking companies and truck drivers should take proper steps to make sure that their cargo is secure to keep other users of the roads safe and prevent tractor trailer accidents.

However, because of the recklessness and negligence of the driver and the company, sometimes the cargo slips from the truck and end up in the way. And if this happens, catastrophic multiple crashes can easily occur.

Other vehicles might weave out of the way to avoid the cargos.

Motorists might suddenly swerve if they see cargo falling from a truck, and this can result in sideswipe crashes, and side-impact crashes as the vehicles crash into surrounding cars.

Cargo can fall and crash into oncoming vehicles.

If vehicles are driving behind a tractor trailer and a huge piece of heavy material falls off the truck, it can crash towards the cars and can cause an unfortunate car accident.

Most cargo poses a unique hazard and is dangerous when spilled.

Cargo which is slippery, such as oil, might cause cars to slide, and can result in rear-end collisions and other forms of crashes. Some cargo is flammable which can cause fires and even explosions, presenting a huge risk for other users of the road.

Motorists may turn around to see a spilling cargo.

Sometimes, drivers might rubberneck to see a cargo spill which can result to rear-end collisions if the vehicle in front of them brakes suddenly.


Most trucking companies prioritize profit over safety. They try to place as much cargo as they can into the trucks to lessen the trucks and truck drivers they need to pay. Any movement of the shipment or just its excessive weight can bring much difficulty for the driver to control the truck, particularly if the truck is turning. Falling cargo often lead to permanent injuries and fatal accidents.

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